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In 2018 John Pratt, JR. gathered a team of industry professionals, combining decades of experience in the construction & rehab business, to form JR General Contracting Services, LLC.  Their goal is to provide customers with a company that has the knowledge, skills, experience and work ethic to deliver high-quality outcomes and a true “best in class” customer experience.

Most construction projects whether a beautiful new modern kitchen remodel, a fantastic outdoor living space, or fresh landscaping , can be stressful for you as a homeowner.  JR General Contracting Services, LLC  works hard to take the stress and worry out of your hands, and offers you a clearly-communicated,  honest and straight-forward experience rich with new-found pride and satisfaction in your home.

We are committed to providing our customers with a company they can trust for any project, and look forward to the opportunity to discuss your “dream project” soon!


Mission Statement


JR General Contracting strives to provide our customers unmatched quality, and unsurpassed professionalism. We believe our customers trust and satisfaction with us to be integral in our success. As a family oriented company , our employees will treat each project as if it was their own home. 

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